Garden growing!

Well, my happy little garden is doing just wonderfully!  I’ve got two raised beds in the backyard that are about 4×8 or so.  There are things that are very, very nice about starting small after my enormous monster garden of last year.  For one thing, I’m not the least bit overwhelmed or panicked about getting things in the ground.  The bad part is- I wish it was bigger 🙂

My first year gardening in the South has me itching to grow big, hot-weather crops like melons and sweet potatoes and okra, but I really don’t have the room to do much.  Please don’t tell that to my happily sprouting Sugar Babys and Clemson Spinelesses.  I’m hoping I can train the watermelons to grow outside of the box, but we’ll see!

Everything I’ve planted is doing very well, except for my potatoes.  I’m growing them in great big plastic pots this year (just because of my lack of space) and they have been planted for about a week and a half and I haven’t seen a single sign of sprouting.  Hrm.  If I don’t see anything in another week, I think I’ll dig them up and try again with the leftovers.  I can’t think of why they aren’t working.  They’ve been moist and warm and they are good potatoes from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, which have always done beautifully in the past.  

Oh, and one of my spinach plants is already bolting.  I haven’t even harvested anything off of it yet!

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3 Responses to Garden growing!

  1. Becky says:

    Taylor, I’m so glad you have dirt under your nails again. I’m sure you won’t have the bends from your zone change for long. It’s so wet here we can’t even plant the spinach. Welcome back!!!!!

  2. warren says:

    Def get a watermelon or two in the ground! I love growing melons!

  3. You were fortunate not to endure the WInter we had up here! I spent time in Georgia two months ago, and I wore summer clothing the whole time! Their azaleas were blooming! Oh, you are a smart gardener to head SOuth!

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